A Continuing Partnership with BodyLogicMD

As a long-time GPO partner of BodyLogicMD, the Belmar Pharma Solutions Team is excited to share some great news for you and your patients.

We are joined by Dave Hill as he introduces our incoming CEO, Rob Kilgore. Rob has been Belmar Pharma Solutions’ CFO since 2019 and is instrumental in our strategic growth plans. Together Dave and Rob will share our future expansion plans with you.

You will also hear from our Chief Growth Officer, Linda Williams, and Chief Operating Officer, Kristen Youngdahl.

Join Dave and Rob as they walk you through:

  • Upcoming expansions to our Compounding Centers of Excellence and formulary
  • How to leverage our team of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, and Solutions Engineers
  • Recent pharmacy acquisitions and how you will benefit from their offerings and volume capabilities
  • Process and efficiency enhancements including turnaround time and patient satisfaction

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