Sermorelin Acetate

What Happens as We Age?

As our bodies age, the physical changes can be surprising. Metabolism can slow; body composition and fat distribution may shift. Overall vitality can decrease. A higher likelihood of muscle and bone mass loss can leave older adults weaker and less capable of exercise. Even cognitive function can take a hit in our wizened state.

Longevity research is taking a long, hard look at what therapies could limit these unfavorable outcomes. Sermorelin Acetate is a promising option.

What Is Sermorelin Acetate?

Sermorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). A GHRH, also called a growth hormone secretagogue, may help stimulate the pituitary gland to release endogenous growth hormone. Growth hormone is vital to many cellular pathways within the body, and its reduction over time is thought to have a meaningful influence on the aging process.

What Are the Benefits of Growth Hormone Secretagogues, Like Sermorelin Acetate?

Brain Health

Sermorelin may support cognition by improving problem solving and memory skills in older adults.

Body Composition

GHS drugs also increase insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which could mean changes in body composition. How fat is distributed and metabolized affects overall cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Physical Activity

Sermorelin may increase strength and energy levels, influencing athletic endurance.


GHS medications have been shown to promote deeper stages of sleep and may help patients achieve better rest and recovery.

Available Sermorelin Acetate Options

Sermorelin Acetate Subcutaneous Injectable

  • Sermorelin is available as a sterile subcutaneous injection.
  • Subcutaneous injections deliver medication into the fatty layer between skin and muscle for absorption into the bloodstream.
    Click here to learn more about how to perform a SC injection. (please link to step by step instructions on modus)

Sermorelin Acetate Fast-SL Tablet

  • Sermorelin is available as a scored fast-dissolving sublingual tablet.
  • Sublingual tablets are designed to deliver medication into systemic circulation after dissolving under the tongue or placing between the cheek and gum. Avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before or after taking a sublingual formulation.

Who Should Avoid Sermorelin Acetate Therapy?

  • Sermorelin and other growth hormone releasing hormones should be used with caution in cancer patients, or patients that have a history of cancer. Connect with your oncologist to discuss current recommendations.
  • There may be other conditions that may affect your candidacy for compounded sermorelin medications. Please reach out to your medical provider for more clinical information and to discuss therapies appropriate for you.