What Are Compounding Pharmacies And What Do We Do?

Belmar Pharma Solutions has been compounding medications and providing outstanding service since 1985.

What Does A Compounding Pharmacy Do?

A compounding pharmacy can combine, remix, or change a standard medication’s active ingredients and additives to customize it for specific needs. This offers you and your doctor treatment options you can’t get anywhere else.

Compounding is often used to:

  • Prepare custom dosages for people who need them because of age, size or body chemistry
  • Remove allergens such as dyes or preservatives for sensitive patients
  • Change flavors or textures to make medications more pleasant to take
  • Combine multiple medications in prescribed doses for convenience

What Are the Two Types of Compounding?

Traditional Compounding

Traditional compounding is preparing medications individually as prescribed for a specific patient. The FDA designates pharmacies that do this as 503A pharmacies, and they are regulated by the state.

Batch Compounding

Batch compounding is bulk production of a formulation in small to large batches for sale to physicians, healthcare facilities, and other pharmacies. The FDA designates businesses that batch compound as 503B Outsourcing Facilities and they are federally regulated.

Today, Belmar Pharma Solutions is one of the few companies in the country to operate both a 503A Pharmacy and 503B Outsourcing Facility.

What Types Of Medications Do Compounding Pharmacies Provide?

Compounding pharmacies commonly produce medications prepared to help with hormone replacement, thyroid and autoimmune issues, sexual wellness, aesthetic dermatology, brain/sleep/mind support, and related issues. These custom formulations support your health and may ease symptoms so that you can live the lifestyle you want with energy and enthusiasm.

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Why Choose A Compounding Pharmacy?

Regular pharmacies provide prescription drugs in standard formulations mass-produced by large pharmaceutical companies to treat most health conditions. Research is showing us that the one-size-fits-all approach is not always the most effective one; it has become clear that we are not all created equal when it comes to medications. This has led doctors and patients to look for ways to take more of our differences into consideration. Compounding pharmacies meet this need.

What Sets Belmar Apart?

The compounding industry is divided into small, local compounding pharmacies and large, national compounding pharmacies. Smaller local pharmacies are often dedicated to providing a great customer experience. They care deeply about their customers, who are part of their community.

We opened Belmar Pharmacy in 1985 as just such a local mom-and-pop business, and we’ve kept that same devotion to our customers’ wellness and satisfaction throughout our history. But we’ve gained experience. After more than three decades in the business, we really are experts in compounding, with the track record to show it.

We’ve also evolved — slowly, steadily, and with clear intentions. While some large compounding pharmacies have expanded overnight, we took our time to learn our craft thoroughly. But we realized small pharmacies don’t have the ability to research or produce in volume, and we wanted to offer these benefits to our customers. So we grew.

Today, as a national provider, we’re able to serve you better in many ways:

  • We own FDA-registered Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals, a company that sources and manufactures bulk ingredients to supply our pharmacy.
  • Having them as part of our group lowers costs and helps us get your medications to you faster.
  • We’re able to use the same technologies as the large drug companies to automate manufacturing in our new facilities.
  • Unlike most local pharmacies, we can now compound oral and true sublingual tablets.
  • Our quality standards are among the highest in the country; we test throughout our process, from sourcing to distribution.

You can have confidence in the medications and services you’ll get from Belmar.

To learn how to get the most from our medications, please look through our patient information. For physicians who want to work with us, we offer expert-level education and consultation on our medication offerings and proven strategies to help you grow your practice. And our knowledgeable Belmar pharmacists are always available to answer questions, too. Contact us to learn more.