Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals

What is Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals?

Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals provides Belmar Pharma Solutions the ability to source and prepare Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for further processing within the Belmar system. Customers of Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals come to us because of our expertise in the following areas:

Dietary Supplements

Green Mountain specializes in the development of oral and transdermal delivery systems that provide an entire dose of a drug “as advertised.” Green Mountain also provides contract manufacturing services — with the ability to help you get started with small initial batch sizes and to further grow with you as you achieve market success.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

As an FDA-registered manufacturer of APIs, Green Mountain specializes in providing APIs for Pharmaceutical Compounding. Our expertise is in preparing tablet-ready APIs for pharmacies that focus on natural hormone replacement therapy.

APIs include:

Pharmaceutical Compounding API Services

The experts at Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals can help you approach the supplement market in a smart, efficient way, regardless of your size. We offer the range of services that can help you build your brand, so you can compete in a crowded and competitive market, including:

  • Contract Formulation – We’ll work with you to develop the proprietary formulation for your specific product, and we’ll help you design the associated manufacturing methods for producing your supplements — in tablet, capsule, or topical dose form—in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.
  • Contract Manufacturing – Our knowledge of and compliance with CGMPs and the evolving regulatory climate give you the on-demand manufacturing capabilities to bring your ideas to market quickly and responsibly.
  • Reformulation – Our expertise in identifying high-absorption formulations means we can help you fine-tune your existing supplements to create more effective formulations that deliver a competitive advantage.
  • Material Sourcing – We can tap our domestic and international network of suppliers to source the active and inactive ingredients in your supplements to help you keep costs low without compromising quality.
  • Small-Trial Support – The market response to one supplement over another often hinges on reliable clinical comparisons required to support your claims in the market. We’ll help you document empirically rigorous evidence for the effectiveness of your product versus your competitors.

We believe we have the highest level of quality standards of any compounding pharmacy in the U.S. Every one of us cares about the safety of our medications and the health of your patients.

Research Institution Clinical Trials

Green Mountain has supported investigative research for over 20 years with customers spanning major research universities throughout North American and Asia.

Our services include active drug acquisition, placebo manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and randomization services.

Green Mountain focuses on delivering great customer service and value because it understands how tight research budgets are today. Whether your project has just 10 subjects or hundreds, Green Mountain can support your needs.

No Project is Too Big or Small

If your strategy is to start small and build market share gradually or you want to test market response prior to a large-scale launch, Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals offers you the same manufacturing and regulatory expertise of larger companies, with a higher level of responsiveness and service.

Learn more about Green Mountain’s pharmaceutical APIs and clinical trial support by visiting

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