Men's Health

If you are a man who is experiencing or concerned about any of the conditions on this page, start a conversation with your doctor. Together, you can decide if a compounded prescription might be a good treatment for you.


Roughly the male equivalent of menopause in women.

Andropause refers to an age-related decline in male hormone levels and is sometimes called testosterone deficiency or androgen deficiency. The decrease in hormones and onset of symptoms in men, however, is slower and subtler than it is in women.

Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Caused by physical or psychological problems.

Sexual dysfunction is any type of problem that keeps you or your partner from being sexually satisfied. It can happen to men at all ages, although it becomes more likely as you get older. The most common kinds of sexual problems men face are erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, and low libido.

BHRT for Men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

When a man’s hormone levels are low, hormone replacement therapy may help relieve a wide array of different symptoms, both physical and emotional. BHRT may alleviate symptoms by treating the cause, not just the symptoms themselves.

Additional Conditions

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Although ASD typically lasts a lifetime, treatments can improve a person’s symptoms and ability to function. Some treatments for ASD are behavioral and educational; however, medications may also be prescribed to help.

PTSD Treatments

The primary treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder is psychotherapy to help reverse negative beliefs and give stress management skills and support during recovery. Appropriate medications can further help to improve symptoms.

Autoimmune Disease

There’s no cure for the vast majority of autoimmune diseases, but there are treatments that may help manage symptoms. Low dose naltrexone, which is only available as a compounded drug, is becoming a popular choice for treating autoimmune diseases.

Other Chronic Conditions

Belmar compounds medications in a variety of dosage forms and strengths to help treat a variety of other chronic conditions including mood and concentration issues, sleep problems, general nutrition support, Immune system support, and more.