Understanding Patient-Specific 503A Compounding

Belmar Pharma Solutions’ 503A compounding pharmacy has been filling patient-specific prescriptions since 1985. We deliver health and wellness medication options that are customized for your patient.

What Is Patient-Specific Compounding?

With compounding, we have the flexibility to address specific patient needs. For example, we can compound a drug formulation to eliminate allergens, tailor dosages, enhance absorbability, combine drugs for convenience, or improve flavor and texture.

Standard pharmacies don’t fill prescriptions for compounded medications; that’s the work of compounding pharmacies. Belmar has two kinds of facilities — a 503A Compounding Pharmacy and a 503B FDA-registered Outsourcing Facility. Our 503B outsourcing facility, Belmar Select Outsourcing, produces batches of non-patient-specific compounded products that we distribute to clinical offices and other pharmacies. Belmar Pharmacy,  our 503A facility, is our traditional compounding pharmacy where we make individualized formulations, following a compounded prescription that you write for a specific patient.

What Conditions Can Be Addressed With Belmar Medication Solutions?

Belmar produces medications that may help with hormone replacement, thyroid and autoimmune diseases and disorders, sexual wellness, aesthetic dermatology, brain/sleep/mind support, and other interventions designed to promote your patient’s health. Many of our compounded medications are designed to increase your patients’ sense of wellness and their ability to enjoy their lives fully.

What Dosage Forms Does Belmar Offer?

  • Oral Tablets
  • Oral Capsules
  • Fast-burst Sublingual Tablets
  • Vaginal Tablets
  • Transdermal Cream
  • Vaginal Creams
  • Suppositories (Rectal or Vaginal)
  • Topical Gels and Ointments
  • Oral Solutions and Suspensions
  • Ointments

We offer a proprietary hormone tablet that is preferred by thousands of prescribers across the country.

Belmar’s Focus on Quality

We promote a culture of quality and compliance. Every member of our team cares about the safety of our medications and the health of your patients. We believe we have the highest level of quality standards of any compounding pharmacy in the U.S.

We comply strictly with all the regulatory standards for our industry, established by:

  • State boards of pharmacy, which regulate all 503A pharmacies
  • FDA, which has oversight for the safety of all active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • DEA, that oversees the controlled substances sometimes used in compounded preparations
  • USP Convention, that issues practice standards ensuring quality and safety of medications and food
  • USP General Chapter <795> provides guidelines for the prevention of contamination and potency variance, preparation process, beyond-use dates, and stability for non-sterile compounding

We at Belmar Pharmacy uphold our own policies that exceed even these industry standards. Our ingredients and compounds are continuously tested and retested, at random by an independent lab, all the way from the sourcing phase through distribution.

We own FDA-registered Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals, a company that sources and manufactures many of the bulk ingredients that supply our pharmacy. Whether our active ingredients come from our own sister company or external suppliers, we require the same rigorous safety measures.

Why Should You Use Belmar for Your Patient-Specific Compounding?

As a national compounding pharmacy with more than three decades of patient-specific compounding experience, we offer:

  • Reliability, based on the expertise we’ve gained over our long history in business
  • Individualized therapies for a range of health and wellness issues
  • Standard and specialized dosage forms
  • Carefully enforced high-quality standards for ingredients
  • Expert-level clinical education and consultation resources
  • Patient education to help your patients understand and take full advantage of the medications you prescribe
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Inventory Management Assistance
  • A team of Solutions Engineers to support your practice
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We provide a formulary and lots of additional information on our website targeted to clinicians. If this is your first time working with a compounding pharmacy, we can help you get started with our section on writing patient-specific compounding prescriptions. You can also set up a one-on-one consultation with our compounding experts to get answers to any of your questions.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Getting Compounded Treatments

If you are a patient looking for more information on the benefits of compounding and compounded medications, check out our compounding and medication solutions pages to get started.

Then have a talk with your doctor about whether compounding can help you become healthier or maintain the good state of health you have.

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