Dosage Forms


We compound a variety of tablets based on the type of medication to be delivered, preferred speed of absorption, or other patient needs.

Vaginal Tablets & Suppositories

Vaginal tablets and vaginal suppositories are fairly simple to use. They can often provide faster and more targeted relief from conditions affecting the vagina than oral medications.

Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellets are a unique delivery form created to replicate as closely as possible the way in which hormones are naturally released in the body.

Compound Creams & Gels

Our offering includes several creams, gels, and ointments that can be compounded for different medications, purposes, and preferences.

For Patients

If you’re dealing with or concerned about one of the conditions listed above, visit our Conditions page to find resources and guides to help you discuss compounding solutions with your doctor.

For Clinicians

If you’re a clinician who’s interested in prescribing compound medications for your patients, visit our Treatment Options page to find a formulary and learn more about the Solutions Belmar offers.