Quality and Service

Quality & Safe Practices at Belmar

At Belmar, we have a culture of quality and compliance. Every member of our team cares about the safety of our medications and the health of you or your patients.

The regulations are stricter for 503B outsourcing facilities, but that doesn’t mean that traditional 503A compounding can’t be as safe. For one thing, the FDA regulates the ingredients that go into medications in both types of facilities. And, at Belmar, we care so much about quality and safety that we’ve developed quality standards we think are the highest of any compounding pharmacy in the U.S.

Not only do we comply strictly with all the regulatory standards for our industry, but we have our own policies that exceed industry standards, including independent testing of all of our drugs from sourcing through distribution.

As a national compounding pharmacy with more than three decades of patient-specific compounding experience, we’re knowledgeable, reliable, and focused on serving you. We can provide you with unique solutions for many health conditions plus treatment options that can help you or your patients keep living a full and satisfying life.

Whether you or your doctor recommends one of our traditional compounded solutions or our 503B hormone replacement pellets (inserted in a quick office procedure), you can be sure your health is always our first priority.

Visit our Medication Solutions pages to learn more about our full offering of compound medications and pellets:

Belmar Pharmacy Exceeds Industry Standards 

Belmar Pharmacy strictly complies with all industry regulatory standards. While most compounders meet these expectations, we exceed them, holding our facilities to the highest quality criteria.  

Our vendor qualification program ensures all manufacturers and wholesalers we purchase product from are registered and certified by the appropriate regulating body. We take it one step further by confirming that each of the manufacturer’s vendors are also compliant. You can feel confident in Belmar Pharmacy’s material, because the FDA has oversight over all active pharmaceutical ingredients used in compounding. 

With regular inspections by State Boards of Pharmacy, Belmar Pharmacy practices under their supervision and approval. In addition, we perform regular audits on our own facilities for proper maintenance and to keep our products stable, safely stored, and free of contamination. 

Belmar Pharmacy Pays Attention to What Matters Most 

At Belmar Pharmacy, our staff is USP 800 compliant, meaning our commitment to patient and employee safety is uncompromising.  

USP 800 provides standards for safe handling of hazardous drugs. It also provides guidance for safe practices, minimizing risk for pharmacy staff, patients, and the world at large.  

Our pharmacy technicians are certified and undergo extensive training to ensure our prescriptions are compounded by skilled and experienced staff. Every prescription is carefully reviewed and undergoes a multistep evaluation from our pharmacists.  

Our attention to detail, from initial formulation to final verification, demonstrates quality and safe practices. As a result, you can expect pharmaceutically sound and elegant products. 

Belmar Pharmacy Accommodates Allergies and Sensitivities  

The ingredients in our customized medications are subjected to clinical scrutiny. We compound with clean fillers and additives, keeping our products simple. We minimize added ingredients, only using what is necessary to meet your prescription needs. When possible, Belmar Pharmacy limits potentially irritating content and never includes dyes. 

The Many Benefits of Customized Compounds 

Compounded medications from Belmar Pharmacy offer personalized products designed just for you. You get the dose you need in a form you prefer, including:  

  • Tablets 
  • Capsules  
  • Troches 
  • Solutions and Suspensions 
  • Fast-burst Sublingual Tablets 
  • Creams and Gels 

We typically use microcrystalline cellulose as a base for oral compounds. Belmar Pharmacy also offers a range of fillers for patients with allergies or sensitivities, including vegetarian and gelatin capsule options.  

Belmar Pharmacy makes customized compounds with the active ingredients you need, without adding the artificial ones you don’t.