How to Write a Compounded Prescription

Compounded Prescriptions Tailored to Your Patient

Compounding gives providers the flexibility to meet individual medical needs. Our customizable approach to pharmaceuticals allows us to concentrate creams to maximize ease of administration and create oral dosage forms with combinations of active ingredients not available commercially. Patients sensitive to fillers will have options with the potential to accommodate a wide range of allergies.

For a compounded prescription, the following information is required:

  • Patient Info – First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Address, Cell Phone Number, Email, Known Drug Allergies and Patient Identifier (in applicable states – i.e., Driver’s License, SS#, Passport #) and
  • Prescription Information – Date, Drug(s), Dose, Dosage Form, Directions indicating the frequency of use and the route of administration, Quantity, and Refills and
  • Prescriber Information– First Name, Last Name, Practice Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, NPI #, State License Number # and DEA Registration, State Controlled Substance Registration (where applicable).
  • Prescriber Signature – Please provide an authentic pen-to-paper prescriber signature for all controlled substances. Stamps and faxed electronic signatures faxed in are not considered valid by the DEA. Submitting controlled substances via EPCS-certified software is preferable.

How To Send a Prescription

By Phone

Call our Toll-Free Phone number 800.525.9473 and click 3 to speak with a pharmacist or leave a voicemail.

By Fax

Fax our Toll-Free number 866.415.2923. If there is any missing information, we will contact you back via fax asking for specific content.


We use a secure 2-factor authentication that is compatible with most systems. Just search for Belmar Pharmacy and our connection information should populate.

Prescriber Portal

Our complimentary Prescriber Portal gives you access to view, track and write prescriptions online. For Prescriber Portal inquiries contact us.

Learn More About Essential Copies

Providers often recommend compounded prescriptions instead of commercially available ones for patients who need more personalized medication options.  

The FDA provides guidelines for compounded medications that are also available commercially. For more information regarding essential copies, please visit this FDA website: 

FDA Information

How to Send In a Pellet Order



It is recommended to place bulk orders to save on shipping costs and plan accordingly to avoid oversized orders and expired pellets. We cannot return, exchange or replace expired pellets. Your Solutions Engineer can provide you with an analytical forecast of your ordering process to stay organized. We are an extension of your practice and here to help you with inventory management.

Belmar pellets have a 360-day shelf life from the date they were compound manufactured. If a lot is within 30 days of expiration, we will not send it out without notifying you first. If you are placing a large order, you may call and speak with our BSO Support Team to check lot expirations.

For more information or help writing a compounded prescription, contact us.

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Online Ordering Portal

For Providers

Belmar Pharmacy now offers physicians free, secure online access to our electronic prescription management system. Here are some of the benefits of the prescriber portal:

  • User-friendly prescribing toolsp for swift, straightforward ordering
  • View real-time order statuses as your patient’s prescription moves through the pharmacy
  • Easy refill entry – completion takes seconds!
  • Access to patient order tracking linked directly to the shipping courier for quick delivery confirmation
  • Personalized medication lists customizable to your practice

For Patients

Belmar Patients can easily process refills and manage medications through the online patient portal. Our Portal allows patients to:

  • Request Refills Online
  • Receive Text and/or Email Notifications
  • Receive Prescription Updates
  • Track Shipping

Patient Portal