Benefits of Compounded Thyroid

September 3, 2021

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Precisely What You Need: The Benefits of a Compounded Thyroid Medication.

Tired? Gaining weight? Always cold? “Hypothyroidism usually starts with common symptoms. A patient’s thyroid levels are checked, and underactive thyroid may be the culprit,” says Samantha Lebsock, PharmD. “With low thyroid, symptoms can range, but generally, a person’s processes slow down,” adds Lebsock. According to the American Thyroid Association, an estimated 20 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism, and 60% of those who suffer, don’t even know it.

Commercial medications may help. However, every person’s thyroid functions differently, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not help you feel your best. Compounded thyroid replacement offers a tailored approach and may help you overcome some challenges experienced with traditional retail medications.

Customized Dosages: Compounded synthetic thyroid formulations can be prepared with specific T3 and T4 formulations to overcome your unique challenges.

Continuous Treatment: While most traditional thyroid prescriptions are immediate release, your compounding pharmacist can create modified-release preparations, so the hormone is released throughout the day.

Sensitive Formulations: Sensitive to dyes, gluten, corn, or other allergens? Compounded synthetic thyroid treatments can be created without certain inactive ingredients.

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