Vaginal Tablets and Suppositories

Vaginal Tablets and Suppositories

Vaginal tablets and vaginal suppositories are fairly simple to use. They can often provide faster and more targeted relief from conditions affecting the vagina than oral medications. These solid-form medications are inserted into the vagina, where they melt as they reach body temperature and are directly absorbed into the tissues and bloodstream. Most commonly, vaginal tablets and suppositories are used to treat vaginal candidiasis or to relieve vaginal irritation and dryness due to menopause. However, they can also be used to deliver other medications, such as diazepam to relax pelvic muscle spasms.

Vaginal tablet and suppository advantages:

  • Avoid first pass metabolism
  • Quick absorption
  • Avoid nausea and vomiting that can be caused by gastric irritation
  • Requires lower dose to reach the site of action, reducing potential systemic side effects
  • Prolonged drug action

Our vaginal tablets are pH-balanced. Maintaining the normal pH balance of the vagina is important to vaginal health since its normal acidity helps fight off infections.

How to Get Started

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