Compound Creams and Gels

Transdermal Creams

Belmar compounds steroid hormones for transdermal absorption in an exclusive cream base. Our cream base contains all-natural ingredients and has no glycols, parabens, or petroleum products. Our creams can be dispensed in jars with measuring spoons, tubes, Topi-Click®, or syringes. The high water content ensures absorption through the microcirculation system and minimizes the chance of transferring any of the hormones by contact.

Cream base advantages:

  • Very high water to lipid ratio means faster absorption. Small, lipid-soluble steroid hormones leave the base ready for the lipid stratum corneum (water likes water and fat likes fat)
  • Less time spent on the skin helps avoid transferral to loved ones or pets
  • Petroleum- and paraben-free, non-comedogenic
  • Luxurious feel, can be used alone as a face and skin moisturizer

Vaginal Creams

Belmar compounds a variety of vaginal creams to treat atrophic vaginitis, vulvodynia, and other chronic vulvovaginal disorders that cause discomfort or pain and disruption of healthy sexual activity.

Vaginal cream advantages:

  • Lower doses of medication can be used when applied directly to the site of activity
  • Circulating blood levels of hormones aren’t raised significantly, so breast and endometrial tissues are less exposed

Topical Gels

A compounded gel is a solid or semisolid system of at least two constituents — a condensed mass and an interpenetrating liquid. They are applied to the skin for slow and prolonged absorption and can be an effective and targeted therapy for skin conditions.

Topical gel advantages:

  • Less greasy than some other bases and can be easily removed from the skin
  • Localized effects with minimum side effects, because systemic circulation is largely avoided
  • Optimal cutaneous and percutaneous drug delivery
  • Avoids gastrointestinal absorption difficulties
  • Avoids the first pass effect


An ointment is a preparation for topical use that contains an oil base. Ointments have a higher concentration of oil than creams, which have a higher concentration of water. There are different kinds of ointments; they can be single phase, hydrophilic or hydrophobic and must be matched to the type of medication being delivered.

Ointment advantages:

  • Stays on skin longer than creams or gels, helping medication penetrate deeper into the skin
  • Hydrating effect can be helpful with chronic dry and scaly conditions

How to Get Started

If you’re a clinician interested in prescribing compound medications to your patients, visit our Treatment Options page to find a formulary and learn more about all the medication solutions available from Belmar or contact us for more information on how to access all of our clinical resources.