Low Dose Naltrexone

Ultra-low Dose Naltrexone: Not Just Another White Pill  

September 30, 2022

By: Rachel Noonan, PharmD

I’m no stranger to difficult conversations- it’s how relationships are made. As a pharmacist, I’ve built meaningful connections over every possible illness you can imagine (even the ones you’d rather not). The struggle that stays with me, however, is chronic pain.  

Patients in pain seek a way to take back ownership of their condition, to control the uncontrollable. Pain management can be full of debilitating side effects and unmanageable breakthrough symptoms. Methods of relief can come at a cost.  Pain is personal and complex, and while I may not understand your patients’ conditions intimately, I can shine a light on a new therapy designed with their relief in mind. 

Ultra-low dose naltrexone, measuring in micrograms instead of milligrams, is small but mighty. Its size is its strength. This drug isn’t designed to replace your patients’ current pain therapy but complement it. As adjunctive therapy, ULDN works with pain medications, like opioids. It has the potential to provide symptom relief while minimizing the risk of opioid dependence and tolerance. 

Chronic pain conditions require a multifaceted approach. Medications that use distinct mechanisms, and therapies designed for the body and mind – they’re all essential for better days ahead. To me, ULDN is more than just another white pill, it represents something greater: pain reduction without forfeiting quality of life. 

Like all conversations, there’s a give and take. Now it’s your turn. Please reach out to our Belmar staff regarding ULDN and its potential role in your practice. I’m available to share my clinical knowledge at your convenience. Connect via Calendly here: https://calendly.com/rachel-noonan