Supporting Your Success

January 14, 2021

By: Bonnie Scerbo - Director of Marketing

In 1985, Belmar began compounding bioidentical hormones, and has since grown to be a nationally recognized and respected organization operating in 46 states.  We’ve gotten to know you over the years, along with thousands of other prescribers and their patients. We keep you in mind whether we are compounding a single unique prescription or ensuring consistent potency throughout a pellet order – or any other part of the manufacturing process.

Today, as Belmar Pharma Solutions, our combined staff of over 200, and our ability to service all 50 states we are still committed to a culture of compliance. We have intentionally recruited team members who demonstrate dedication to establishing, training and maintaining impeccable processes. It’s one of the ways that we infuse our values into our products and services.

Another indicator of our commitment to you is our organizational structure. All six business units are centered around you, whether your practice model is fueled by stocking and dispersing medications or you are tailoring your prescribing to specific patients.

If you don’t have a current copy of our formulary, you can request one below or by contacting your Solution Engineer. We are constantly refining and expanding our dosages, formats, products and educational offerings to enhance your product choices.

As you have adjusted your own protocols in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are always here to support you. You can reach out to our pharmacists, customer service or sales team with any questions you and your patients may have, and we are happy to be as flexible as possible to accommodate things like challenging appointment schedules or travel limitations.

In addition to our rigorous approach to manufacturing, we have invested in people that truly make a difference. We buttress our star-quality product with unique educational and consulting support. When you call, we answer.