Sexual Wellness

Men’s Sexual Health and Wellness – A Clinical Perspective

December 15, 2021

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one of the major social problems causing significant distress in men. According to the CDC, 30 million men struggle with erectile dysfunction in the United States. ED is associated with depression, increased anxiety, and poor self-esteem in affected men.

Studies have also shown a direct connection between erectile dysfunction and comorbid conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, connective tissue disorders, neurological diseases, kidney, and liver impairment. For example, in a prospective study on 60 men with COPD, 75% of the patients were found to have erectile dysfunction.

There is a strong association between erectile dysfunction, testosterone deficiency, and the overall health of a man. Therefore, it’s important that physicians become aware of the importance of screening their male patients for erectile dysfunction, and other comorbid conditions associated with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels.

Belmar Pharma Solutions comprehends the importance of men’s sexual health and wellness and offers a variety of hormonal and supplement treatments that can improve erectile function, restore testosterone levels, and improve your patients’ sex lives.

If you’re a clinician interested in prescribing compound medications to your patients, contact us for information on how to get started and to access all of our clinical resources.


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