Launch a Medical Weight Loss Program in Your Practice in 2021

January 21, 2021

By: Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

The holiday season is behind us, and 2021 is in full swing. And as always, some people will have slipped on their resolution to “lose weight”—Weight loss was probably on more resolution lists than usual since so many of us have been packing on the pounds during this COVID pandemic.  

Some patients may come to you for help with their weight loss, and perhaps they’ll want to explore medical options in addition to lifestyle changes and accountability. But as the New Year progresses, you might think it’s too late to implement a medical weight loss program to help those resolution makers. However, that’s not the case at all.

For one thing, many people will first try to lose the weight on their own—and likely fail. In our practice, we’ve discovered that it’s often not until February or March that people come to us for help with weight loss, usually after an unsuccessful attempt at an exercise/diet program. So don’t panic if your haven’t implemented your program yet.

Secondly, it doesn’t actually take that long to set up a medical weight loss program in your practice. In fact, it’s relatively easy. You’ll need to gain some knowledge and order supplies, but you could get everything up and running in your practice within a week or two.

So why should you consider adding a medical weight loss program? There are several excellent reasons. By meeting patient demand for medical weight loss options, you won’t have to refer your patients to another practice, which in turn means you can better control their health care. Plus, such a program offers a potential new revenue stream for your practice. Finally, statistics show that medical weight loss programs that are implemented in conjunction with primary care practices tend to be a lot more successful than people trying to do it on their own.  

While you can always set up your own program, the Hormonal Health Institute also offers an in-depth webinar that shows you how to implement a turn-key weight loss program in your practice. This webinar includes all the logistics and information you need to know—from the side effects, risks, and pros/cons of the various weight loss medications to how to order the compounds, educate patients, and get proper consent.

Not only is a medical weight loss program a wonderful service to offer your patients, but it can also be equally as rewarding for you and your practice. After all, patients are going to be looking for these medical weight loss services—so why shouldn’t they get them from you?

To learn more about our webinar “How to Implement a Turn-Key Weight Loss Program,” visit the Hormonal Health Institute website at