Investing in You

January 14, 2021

By: Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

Growing your practice in women’s hormonal health is well worth investing in. Once you set your intent, taking these three simple steps will help you grow in a way that is well-fueled and sustainable.

  1. First, position yourself and your practice by clearly defining your passion for women’s hormonal health.  What clinical role do you want to play? Is it part of a practice, or the focus? How will you be differentiated? One good way to think about this is to ask, “How would I describe my women’s health work to a friend in a sentence or two?”
  2. Then, dedicate yourself to learning. Identify good, trustworthy resources that utterly understand (and practice!) women’s hormonal health for training for you and your staff. In addition to my book and the Hormonal Health Institute training, I recommend checking out research from Dr. Rachel Glaser and Dr. Neal Rozier and associations like the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), European Androgen and Menopause Society and the The Institute for Functional Medicine to name a few.
  3. Finally, invest in your own development, find like-minded practitioners. Find a mentor that can provide insight and practical guidance. Keep fueling your passion!

Remember to look at resources critically.  How are they funded? Who benefits? What is their ultimate purpose?  When you find alignment with your own direction, those are the people and places for you.