Getting Results with the Right Communication Style

January 14, 2021

By: Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

We all know there are fundamental differences in genders. For clinicians working in hormonal health, being able to navigate these differences is essential. 

Before I dive in, please know I am overgeneralizing.  Not everyone fits neatly into a distinct medical box and everyone has unique experiences. In addition, there are communities (like people who are having a gender reassignment) that have added considerations. If there is one thing I have learned in medicine is that the simple act of listening (and doing a good physical exam) can elicit a proper diagnosis most of the time. This approach in particular works great with women…as most women not only want to feel better but also want to be heard. The ideal approach is to listen empathetically and to educate thoroughly, you will not only help your individual patient but they will then in turn become hormonal ambassadors.

However, this approach may not always resonant with our male patients; men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Men typically want to zero in on a specific quick fix, looking for a quick resolution with little fuss and muss. Frankly getting them to the doctor to begin with is a challenge.

Think through gender differences as well as cultural, generational, and other variables that come into play. Just as you provide expectations for an in-office visit, you will want to give the same attention during your ever so impersonal online visits. Paying attention to these nuances will certainly help set the stage for success in treating all patients.

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