A Prescription for Play: Five Ways to be Playful and Build Resilience

May 13, 2021

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Playfulness has actually been studied and shown to improve resilience and reduce stress. Defined by researchers as the ability to frame an experience with humor in mind, adding “play” to our to-do lists is a proven positive.

Most of our days are full, so how do you add a playful perspective?  Here are some suggestions from our team.

  1. I keep a frisbee in my car. Whether I have a few minutes at lunch, I’m meeting a friend after work, or my dog needs to work out his energy, smiles just go with tossing a frisbee!
  2. I switch up my exercise routine so that it is less habit, more fun. Even just changing where I do yoga can lift my mood! (My favorite is still the beach.)
  3. Meetings. There are SO many sometimes! I’ve gotten creative with the time and place. Sometimes as small a shift as a chair with a great view re-energizes me.
  4. Getting my kids to do chores was a struggle. Now, I follow 15 minutes of picking up with a “dance-off”, with my kids taking turns selecting the music. I’ve seen some “incredible” moves!
  5. Once a month my partner and I try something new. The latest was throwing a pot. We are NOT artistic, but it was a wonderful way to explore together.

How can you add play to your day?  Try Pinterest for more ideas!

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