All About Thyroid Webinar

May 24, 2023

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Increase Your Understanding of How to Manage Thyroid Conditions

Belmar Pharma Solutions is delighted to share this FREE Educational Webinar Series replay, “All About Thyroid.” This webinar replay offers you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of common thyroid conditions and a fresh perspective on personalized therapies. 

In this webinar, hosted by Belmar Medical Director, Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, and presented by Megan Pedersen, PharmD, of Women’s International Pharmacy, you’ll learn about: 

  • Signs, symptoms, and diagnosis of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism 
  • Identifying a variety of therapies and monitoring parameters for hypo- and hyperthyroidism 
  • How stress affects the thyroid gland 
  • How Low Dose Naltrexone can be used to address hypo- and hyperthyroidism 

For additional information about thyroid medications, download this medication availability chart: 

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This webinar is intended for prescribers. If you are a prescriber and would like to watch the webinar, please fill out the form below.