Licensed States

Belmar Pharma Solutions is licensed to ship to all 50 states.

503A Compounding Pharmacy Licensed States

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Patient-Specific Compounding

Belmar Pharma Solutions’ 503A compounding pharmacy has been filling patient-specific prescriptions since 1985. We deliver health and wellness medication options that are customized for your patients.

503B Outsourcing Facility Licensed States

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Hormone Pellets and Testosterone Cypionate for Office Use

Belmar Pharma Solutions’ 503B outsourcing compounding pharmacy is a facility regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and produces sterile hormone pellets in bulk quantities and distributes them directly to prescribers. After years of pellet compounding at Belmar Pharmacy, we felt that the next step in improving our process and product would be to voluntarily adopt the FDA’s drug manufacturing rules for sterile outsourcing facilities. We opened Belmar Select Outsourcing as a 503B facility in January 2016.

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