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Belmar Pharmacy Launches First Patent-Pending Compounded Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone Tablet:  For Chronic Pain Patients Struggling with Opioids 

September 19, 2022

By: Belmar Pharmacy

September 19, 2022 – Golden, CO — Belmar Pharmacy’s new patent pending 2 microgram ultra-low dose naltrexone (ULDN) tablet may offer the key to chronic pain patients often struggling with their opioid regimen. With every dose increase comes added risk. Pain management traps patients and prescribers in an endless cycle of chasing relief, while the potential for side effects and addiction rises. 

The addition of ULDN may help chronic pain patients require less total daily dose of opioids. The drug acts as a weak agonist at opioid receptor sites. ULDN demonstrates powerful results as an adjunctive therapy, relieving pain symptoms with less chance of opioid dependence, tolerance, and possibly addiction. It may help chronic pain patients require less opioid pain intervention, relieving pain symptoms at lower doses with less chance of dependence, tolerance, and possibly addiction. 

Belmar Pharmacy’s ultra-low dose naltrexone is compounded at significantly lower doses than LDN. But don’t let its size fool you. Measuring in micrograms instead of milligrams gives ULDN the potential to complement existing pain therapy, not fight it. And it is third-party tested, so clinicians and patients can feel confident in Belmar Pharmacy’s revolutionary product. 

While LDN use is discouraged in patients taking opioid medications, research shows our third-party tested ultra-low dose naltrexone demonstrates powerful positive results when taken in conjunction with opioids. 

Clinicians interested in prescribing ultra-low dose naltrexone or another compounded medication for your patients, contact us for information on how to get started and access our clinical resources here.  

About Belmar Pharmacy  

Since 1985, Belmar Pharmacy, a member of the Belmar Pharma Solutions family, has been specializing in compounded medications, customized for individual patients’ needs. After many years of growth and change, they continue to lead the industry in safety and compliance standards at their Compounding Centers of Excellence.  

From their humble beginnings as Belmar Pharmacy, a single, family-owned compounding pharmacy, to their expansion into manufacturing hormone pellets, Belmar Pharma Solutions fills the need for personalized, sterile, and non-sterile medications that the mainstream pharmaceutical industry is unable to provide. Focusing on improving hormone health, sexual wellness, and changes associated with aging, Belmar continues to offer the highest quality compounded medications made with FDA-approved ingredients, while maintaining a personalized patient experience. 

Belmar Pharmacy’s Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone 
Frequently Asked Questions  

What is Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone? 

Naltrexone is a medication approved to treat opioid and alcohol addiction at commercially available strengths. Ultra-low dose naltrexone (ULDN) is only available at select compounding pharmacies and is made at significantly lower doses than naltrexone (50-100 mg) and low dose naltrexone (1-5 mg).  

At ultra-low doses of 1-2 micrograms, ULDN has the potential to augment existing pain therapy by acting as a weak agonist at opioid receptor sites. It may help chronic pain patients require less opioid pain intervention, relieving pain symptoms at lower doses with less chance of dependence, tolerance, and possibly addiction.  

What are the Benefits of Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone? 

Ultra-low dose naltrexone may help patients taking prescription opioid medications for chronic pain conditions. ULDN may extend opioid analgesia and reduce tolerance and dependence on prescription opioids. Reducing dependence can offer physical advantages by decreasing common opioid side effects like constipation and drowsiness. The risk of withdrawal symptoms may also be lessened with ULDN as adjunctive therapy.  

LDN use is contraindicated in patients taking opioid medications because it can precipitate withdrawal symptoms by antagonizing pain receptors. Unlike LDN, ultra-low dose naltrexone can demonstrate powerful positive results when taken in conjunction with opioids. 

By binding but not overwhelming the opioid pain receptors, ultra-low dose naltrexone’s weak stimulating activity may help patients with chronic pain conditions optimize their current prescription pain regimen. ULDN may enable patients to receive similar pain relief at lower opiate doses, limiting the risk of addiction potential. Request clinical research information here. 

Who May Benefit from Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone? 

Ultra-low dose naltrexone can be given as an adjunctive drug for a wide range of pain conditions warranting opioid therapy, including: 

  • Chronic low-back pain 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Peripheral Neuropathy 
  • Post-operative pain  

ULDN may also boost patients with depleted endorphins. Increasing endorphin levels can improve energy, resilience, and sleep. The mechanistic action of ULDN is still in discovery. Additional research is underway to expand its patient population.  

Who Should Avoid Ultra-Low Dose Naltrexone? 

Like LDN, ULDN is safe and well-tolerated. Naltrexone is not a controlled substance, meaning it is not habit-forming or addictive at any strength. Discuss with your provider if you have liver or kidney disease, or a bleeding disorder such as hemophilia.  

What is the available dosage form?  

At Belmar Pharmacy, we compound ultra-low dose naltrexone as a 2-microgram oral tablet. The tablets are scored to allow for 1-microgram dosing. 

I am a clinician and have questions, is there someone I can speak with?  

Yes, Rachel Noonan, PharmD 

Clinical Research and Content Marketing Pharmacist 

Phone: 800.525.9473 |  [email protected] 

You may schedule an appointment here: Calendly: 

Can you assist with a clinical trial on Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone?  

Yes. For over 15 years Belmar Research has been offering institutions a turnkey solution for clinical drug trials, allowing the organization to focus on conducting their study without the distraction of managing the supporting processes and activities related to the drug supply chain, packaging, and subject tracking. Uniquely licenses as both a compounding pharmacy and an FDA-registered drug manufacturing facility, Belmar Research is a contract manufacturer specializing in research support. This allows Belmar to support the many different styles and phases of studies – from small to large, from individual to patient doses to bulk manufacturing.  

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Rachel Noonan, PharmD, Clinical Research and Content Marketing Pharmacist 
Phone: 800.525.9473|  [email protected] 

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Linda C. Williams, Chief Growth Officer 
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About Belmar

Belmar began as a local compounding pharmacy in Denver, Colorado in 1985, and has since grown into a single source solution for prescribers, patients, and healthcare facilities all over the country, offering compounded medication, education, and consultation for anti-aging and integrative therapies. Now comprised of Belmar Pharmacy, Belmar Select Outsourcing, Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals, and Belmar Research, Belmar remains dedicated to its cumulative goal of better patient outcomes through quality compounding and effective communication between practitioners, pharmacists, and patients.