Belmar Pharma Solutions includes a 503A patient-specific facility offering a variety of medications and an FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility dedicated to the production of hormone pellets.

Patient-Specific 503A Compounding

Our 503A compounding pharmacy has been filling patient-specific prescriptions since 1985. We deliver health and wellness treatment options that are customized for your patient.

Medication offerings from our 503A include non-sterile custom compounds in the following therapeutic classes:

The 503A facility is our traditional compounding pharmacy where we make individualized formulations, following a compounding prescription that you write for a specific patient.

Office-Use 503B Compounding

Belmar Pharma Solutions also includes Belmar Select Outsourcing, an FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility dedicated to the production of hormone pellets. The facility is managed by a CGMP Manufacturing and Quality Assurance team of experts with extensive experience.

Belmar Select Outsourcing provides:

  • A wide range of strengths in testosterone, estradiol, anastrozole, and progesterone pellets in stock
  • Free dosing calculator
  • The convenience of buying in bulk and shipping to your office
  • Fast turnaround time, no contracts required, inventory management support

Our track record with the FDA speaks volumes to our focus on precision and our respect for the guidelines put in place to protect patients and prescribers.

Visit our Medication Solutions pages to see our full offering of compound medications and pellets.

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