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Belmar Pharma Solutions is collectively licensed in all 50 states. We are the most trusted national compounding pharmacy organization in the country focused on hormone health and wellness.

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What Sets Us Apart

Belmar Pharma Solutions is your national source for compounded medication, education, and consultation for aging wellness, men’s and women’s hormonal health, and integrative therapies. Today, Belmar Pharma Solutions includes a research lab and eight state-of-the-art Compounding Centers of Excellence located across the country, collectively serving all 50 states. 

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For Patients

If you’d like to explore our therapy options, visit our Medication Solutions page for more information, then start a conversation with your doctor. Together, you can decide if a compounded prescription might be a good fit for you.

For Clinicians

If you’re a clinician interested in prescribing compound medications for your patients, visit our Therapy Options page to find a formulary and learn more about the solutions available from Belmar.

Medication Solutions

Designed to help your body achieve optimal wellness.

Belmar Pharma Solutions includes multiple 503A patient-specific facilities offering a variety of medications and an FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility dedicated to the production of hormone pellets. Explore therapies by selecting the appropriate medication solution for more information. Together, clinicians and patients can decide if a compounded prescription might be a good fit. 

What Sets Belmar Apart

A commitment to compounding.

Our cumulative goal is better patient outcomes, through quality compounding, and effective communication between practitioners, pharmacists, and patients. What began nearly 40 years ago as a local compounding pharmacy in Denver, Colorado, has grown into a single-source solution for prescribers, patients, and healthcare facilities all over the country.




Quality Control


Our 503A compounding pharmacies in Colorado and Florida have been filling patient-specific prescriptions since 1985. We deliver health and wellness therapy options that are customized for patients. Belmar Pharma Solutions also includes Belmar Select Outsourcing, an FDA Registered 503B Outsourcing Facility dedicated to the production of hormone pellets.

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At Belmar Pharma Solutions, we believe it’s important for our providers to have the information they need to make the most informed decisions for their patients.  our team of pharmacists is equipped with many years of specialized clinical experience. They are ready to answer your questions and help you with your patients.

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We pride ourselves on providing exceptional patient care. Knowledgeable pharmacists are available for consultation for every prescription. Our team of pharmacists is happy to talk about potential side effects and drug interactions and to educate patients about compounded medications.

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Quality Control

Not only do we comply strictly with all the regulatory standards for our industry, but we have our own policies that exceed industry standards, including independent testing of all of our drugs from sourcing through distribution.

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Education & Resources

Patient Resources

Get the best out of Belmar Pharma Solutions with support materials, webinars, and additional learning documents in our resources hub.

Clinician Resources

It’s our goal to keep you as informed and up-to-date as possible. Here you will find a selection of resources written for clinicians.


Our Customers Love What We Do

I love it that this pharmacy exists to deliver the pure products and great personal service. So happy to find you and everyone I have worked with at Belmar has been professional, efficient and caring. What more could one ask for and it is very unusual in the current general pharmacy scene ! Thank you !!!

Janet H.

Wow! I am SO IMPRESSED with your level of customer service! I did leave you a great review on Google. Hope it helps. THANK YOU so much for this very complete email response!

Georgia K.

(A VERY happy Belmar customer!)

I've had a positive initial experience with this pharmacy. I had several questions about a medication that they specialize in titrating which is called low-dose naltrexone LDN used for people with chronic pain and fatigue. The phone rep was very helpful and spent 10 minutes answering my questions. She also transferred me to the rep for my region of the country in order for me to find the names of doctors in my area who work with this medication.

Jay W.

I am an internist and Functional Medicine physician who has practiced in Boulder/Denver since 1984. Belmar is my "go-to" compounding pharmacy in our area. Why? Their products are excellent and their pharmacists extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Yes, people got frustrated during the physical move and installation of their new computer system. However, throughout it all the staff at Belmar went out of their way for me and my patients to get them what they needed. In compounders the longer they have been compounding the more reliable their products. I use Belmar because I trust their products more than any other compounding pharmacy in the area.

Dr. David Luce

I've been using this Pharmacy for almost 2 years. I live in Kentucky and recently ordered 2 prescriptions. I always receive them within the two days with their priority mail shipping. However, this time I have not received my medication and am out on in 3 days. I am panicking because this medication has really been effective for me and my condition. The status USPS Priority Mail tracking site updates daily with "in route" but not detail and no receipt. I contacted the pharmacy and they have agreed to overnight it to me so I do not miss my medication. I am very grateful to the pharmacy staff (especially Peggy) and management for helping me! God bless you!

Karen K.

I've always had a good experience with this company. Ships all the way to Florida. Have used them for 3 years now. Great prices too and also a compounding pharmacy which is a plus!

Clifton C.

I cannot thank enough of Belmar team and management of helping to get things done on time and also be flexible in difficult time management case.. They done so much for our practice to be successful. Professional and Supportive.

Marina B.

I’ve been ordering my prescriptions from Belmar for years because of a hypersensitive autoimmune condition and have never had trouble with their scripts... even at my toughest times. Every interaction I’ve had with Belmar to date has been outstanding. Their customer service communicates so efficiently and is so very kind! I look forward to putting my order in and do not cringe when it’s on my to-do list. I happily recommend their services to my clients and friends. Keep it up, Belmar! Y’all are great!

Alexandra B.

My daughter was recently diagnosed with MCAS, Ehlers Danlos and POTS. My wife and I had been having no luck coordinating prescriptions with our PCP. Damien took the time to review all the medications and supplements to not only check for conflicts but also to explain these medications. His professionalism, compassion and knowledge was outstanding! Thank you for your help!

Bob G.

have used Belmar for a few years (changed over from a try elsewhere years ago), and I have been totally happy with them! By totally, what I mean is this: * Great people (for example, pharmacist Damian has patiently and helpfully worked with me as I sought to determine my optimal dosage. And I do mean "patiently," as this has taken time, and he has always been kindly and has gone he extra mile to help); * Great products (really like your unique LDN tablets); * Great patience with my (many) questions; * Very helpful telephone system. For example, unlike with some other companies--airline, clothing, etc., in which the hold can extend to even 80 minutes and with loud, headache-creating music, at Belmar, I am given the option of holding (and a voice intermittently will state my position in line) or a call-back. Sooo helpful! Also, your hold music is pleasant. (Incidentally, I have never had to wait very long on hold). Everyone with whom I have spoken has been very helpful, patient, and knowledgeable (even with my many questions. Never have I felt like an annoyance as I had elsewhere). At year 16 of MS, I have been known to ask some questions related to this most complex health issue that at the present time has no cure. All at Belmar have been very kindly and patient, regardless of my quantity of questions. I really like that they verbally speak with me in understanding ways, and not as a thorn-in-the-side asking yet another question. MS is complex, never simple, and as a patient who has been dealing with this health beast for years, I so appreciate the kindness and knowledge. (And, amidst a sometimes crazy world, it's really good to work with people who care about what they do and, frankly, about me). It's all why I felt comfortable telling friends to use Belmar. In summary, kudos to Belmar's people, products, and methodologies.

Jan C.

I've used this pharmacy for years now. Their customer service is stellar. If there are any problems they always call me. I can always talk to a person if I have questions. I get a three-month supply mailed to me and I get a heads up when I get a refill before they charge me. A completely satisfied customer.

Bria A.

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