Inflammatory Response and Covid-19

May 25, 2022

By: Dr. Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE

Are COVID-19 vaccines and/or infections contributing to a clinical important inflammatory response in patients and specifically in those undergoing hormonal therapies?

Since the onset of the pandemic, I have observed an increasing number of discussions and concerns amongst colleagues and outside experts wondering if there is a connection to the COVID-19 vaccine and/or COVID-19 infection, the inflammatory response, its possible role in changes to patients’ responses to hormone therapies and specifically more extrusions/infections with pellet therapies.

Given these discussions, many folks expressed a desire to have open, honest and critical discussions about this as well as an opportunity to hear others clinical experience and possible approaches to this potential connection. – Angela DeRosa

  • Watch our round-table discussion if you have noticed your patients experiencing:
  • Changes in hormonal requirements in previously stable patients without clinical explanation
  • An increase in extrusion/infection rate compared to historical data within in your patient population should be compared
  • Allergic reactions to fillers or other aesthetics
  • Increase in autoimmunity or other inflammatory conditions in your patient population

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