Free Hormone Pellet Webinars presented by Belmar Select Outsourcing

Watch and learn the latest approaches in hormone pellet therapy.  Including techniques to adding pellet therapy to your practice while avoiding common clinical and practical errors.

Belmar Select Outsourcing provides free educational webinars to medical providers.  Learn the most up to date clinical and practical information on Hormone Pellet Therapy.  Watch all three, free on demand pellet webinars today and be sure to register to be notified of future pellet therapy webinars. Dr. Angela DeRosa, explains How To Implement Hormone Therapy into your practice; details reasons for hormone pellet extrusions; reviews common hormone pellet insertion errors and much more.  Watch the webinars below.

Dr. Angela DeRosa offers her 25 years of expertise in hormone pellet therapy and will guide you through how to add hormone pellet therapy strategically and successfully in your medical practice.  Additionally, she will address the common myths and misperceptions of hormone replacement therapy and hormone pellet therapy.  

Learn the advantages of using pellets for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy – BHRT while implementing them into your practice with your current patient base.

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE is the founder of the Hormonal Health Institute and serves as a paid consultant to Belmar Pharma Solutions. Dr.
DeRosa is not an employee of Belmar Pharma Solutions* and nothing herein should be construed as the promotion of Belmar Pharma Solutions
compounded products over other hormone replacement therapies.
Patients interested in pellet therapy or compounded medications are encouraged to speak to a medical professional about their medical
options and before seeking treatment. All information provided herein is based on Dr. DeRosa’s own clinical experience in her capacity as a
board-certified internist. Nothing herein should be construed as making a claim about the safety or effectiveness of compounded products,
which includes compounded hormone pellet therapy.