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Looking Back: How APS Belmar Navigated the COVID-19 Crisis

February 1, 2021

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to everyone—and APS Belmar was no exception. Fortunately, APS Belmar was able to find the solutions necessary to ensure that its prescribers’ and patients’ needs continued to be met.

 “One thing we’re especially proud of is that our delivery of medications continued unaffected,” said Michael Marling, General Manager of APS Belmar. “By keeping our staff healthy with strict health and safety standards, we were able to operate as normal—and that meant our customers got the quality medications they needed in our usual timely manner.”

While pharmacists and technicians had to remain on site, the sales team and other administrative teams were able to work remotely as needed. However, no one slowed down because they couldn’t visit the offices. APS Belmar continued to offer telehealth services to clinicians and the public, and its sales team was always available to help clinicians and patients find solutions to a wide array of needs. The pharmacists, customer service staff, and sales team always have been and always will be available for consultation by phone or by video conference.

When some clinics were no longer able to have their patients come in for treatment, APS Belmar offered “bridge” medication solutions so that patients could take the meds at home instead of having them administered in the office. For example, for patients who were getting hormone treatments via pellets, APS Belmar helped convert them over to injectables or creams.

Over the past year, APS Belmar also saw an uptick in patients seeking alternative health methods to maintain their physical and mental health during this challenging time, and the staff was happy to help in any way they could.

“This past year has been so difficult for everyone, and we’ve had to come up with some unique solutions every step of the way,” said Michael Marling. “We’re so grateful for our staff’s hard work and dedication throughout it all. Thanks to them, we were able to keep our existing services operating without missing a beat.”

About Belmar

Belmar began as a local compounding pharmacy in Denver, Colorado in 1985, and has since grown into a single source solution for prescribers, patients, and healthcare facilities all over the country, offering compounded medication, education, and consultation for anti-aging and integrative therapies. Now comprised of Belmar Pharmacy, Belmar Select Outsourcing, Green Mountain Pharmaceuticals, and Belmar Research, Belmar remains dedicated to its cumulative goal of better patient outcomes through quality compounding and effective communication between practitioners, pharmacists, and patients.