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Belmar Medical Director Dr. Angela DeRosa Speaks at Annual AMMG Conference

November 1, 2019

By: Belmar Pharmacy

Angela DeRosa, DO, MBA, CPE, the Medical Director at Belmar and a leading expert on women’s hormonal health, recently delivered two presentations at the annual Fall Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG) Conference.

“I was very honored to be asked to speak at this prestigious conference, which is always chock-full of fascinating new information from the field of age management medicine,” Dr. DeRosa said. Held in Tucson, Arizona, the four-day AMMG conference offers new research findings, expert presentations, and interactive panel discussions, providing participants with the latest science-based clinical information and clinical applications for this medical specialty.

In her first presentation at the conference, Dr. DeRosa, an international authority on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), showed her audience how to operationalize hormones into their practices. Attendees learned about legal considerations, marketing strategies, and how to develop a successful hormonal practice.

“Often clinicians who have taken weekend courses on BRHT are left with no idea how to take the necessary steps to incorporate what they have learned into a successful clinical strategy,” Dr. DeRosa said. “They also may not know the proper steps to protect themselves legally and have no idea how to market their new learnings in an ever-growing competitive marketplace.”

For her second presentation, Dr. DeRosa spoke about the controversial 2002 Women’s Health Initiative JAMA article on hormones that changed the landscape of woman’s hormonal health and—some might argue—irreparably harmed women’s health for decades to come. Dr. DeRosa provided attendees with the true data and offered them solutions to help their female patients live longer and healthier lives.

“Unfortunately, modern medicine through its best intentions is slowly killing women with pharmaceuticals and other medical ‘advances’ while disregarding the root causes of what drives women to seek help from their providers,” Dr. DeRosa said. “We are slapping band-aids on hormonal symptoms when balancing a woman’s hormones would get to the cause and help our patients live longer and healthier lives.”

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