Sarcotropin® IPA

What is Sarcotropin® IPA?

Sarcotropin® IPA is a medical food combining the strength of two powerful peptides, Pralmorelin (GHRP2) and Ipamorelin.

It is a medical food that is indicated for management of age-related changes in body composition including, severe muscle loss or sarcopenia. Factors that contribute to altered body composition during aging include; functional decline of neuroendocrine activity, growth hormone production, sex steroid secretion, and diminished dietary intake of amino acids, protein and vitamins. Sarcotropin® IPA was specifically formulated to oppose these decencies by combining essential ingredients intended to complement a normal diet and healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Sarcotropin IPA

A 90-day Phase III clinical trial was conducted to confirm the safety and efficacy in humans. The resulting data indicated that treatment resulted in the following:

  • Loss in total body fat
  • Loss in visceral fat
  • Gain in lean muscle mass
  • Increased serum IGF-1

Additionally, this medical food has been shown to improve sleep quality, enhance digestion and improve energy. Along with adequate exercise and proper diet Sarcotropin may increase muscle mass and strength, enhance bone growth and density, improve anabolic hormone profiles, promote physical and metabolic fitness, opposes frailty and sarcopenia of aging.

Who May Benefit from Sarcotropin IPA?

Sarcotropin-IPA was specifically formulated to oppose maladaptive changes in body composition that occur during aging. These are primarily characterized by loss of skeletal muscle and bone mass which lead to frailty, disease, immobility, and loss of quality of life. Humans who experience these symptoms and body compositional changes related to can benefit from regular consumption. Men and Women who prefer not to inject prescription peptides will also benefit from this easy to take, great tasting liquid.

What is a Medical Food?

It is any food specifically formulated for oral administration to individuals who are under the supervision of a physician for the specific dietary and nutritional management of a disease or condition based on recognized scientific principles. However, the term “medical foods” does not pertain to all foods that are used under a doctor’s supervision. Instead, they are foods that are specially formulated and processed rather than being naturally occurring, and intended to provide unique or distinctive medical therapy that complements good diet, exercise and life style. Sarcopenia or loss of muscle associated with aging is one example of a condition for which a medical food may be effective and safe therapy. As defined by Congress in the Orphan Drug Act and Amendments of 1988, a medical food is to be used only in patients receiving active and ongoing medical supervision including instructions on its use as it may change over time.

Who Should Avoid Using Sarcotropin-IPA?

Sarcrotropin is safe for extended use in humans and is well tolerated. Although there are no clinical reports or published evidence of risk from taking the product, Sarcotropin IPA is not recommended for use in those with following conditions:

  • Chronic gastrointestinal distress associated with abdominal pain and/or diarrhea
  • Pancreatitis
  • Active malignancies
  • Type 2 diabetes

Learn More About Sarcotropin IPA

If you are dealing with or think you have symptoms that may benefit from the consumption of Sarcotropin-IPA, share this information with your doctor or you can provide their information and we can contact your doctor with more information.

If you are a clinician who’s interested in supplying Sarcotropin IPA to your patients. You can reach out to your Solutions Engineer or download this Belmar Pharmacy order form. As a clinician, you have two ways to provide Sarcotropin to your patients. You can keep a supply in your office (bulk orders) to sell directly to your patients or order you can order for each patient specifically and we will ship to them for you.

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